Opening in 2016, A Day Like No Other is the latest chapter in a long journey of loving ministry for Reverend Wynn Perkins. Ordained over 20 years ago specifically for the purpose of being allowed to marry couples, Reverend Wynn has performed weddings, funerals, baby blessings, rites of passage, Sunday church services, non-traditional spiritual services, and has offered pastoral care to many. Unlike many "just for weddings" ministers, Reverend Wynn has a thorough background in ministry with undergraduate work completed in Religious Studies, years of follow-up study in alternative religion, ritual theory and design, theology and religious history from a variety of sources, some international. Reverend Wynn finally entered a traditional seminary in 2013 in Chicago and is currently working on a Masters thesis for a Masters of Arts in Theology from the same school. Reverend Wynn brings to your wedding occasion a life-long passion for the spirit that brings people together and unites them in love, harmony, trust and mutual respect for one another. Reverend Wynn will help you to garner a deeper understanding of your relationship and will guide you in designing your own unique and perfect ceremony that is as beautiful and heartfelt as the union it will create. Call, text or email today! We are all-gender and all-faith inclusive to the best of our ability. We are here only to celebrate and to unite people in sacred love.